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タイトル: 保育者の視点に立った名札制作の実践と分析 : 保育科入学時の学生作品の事例から
その他のタイトル: A Consideration of Basic Curriculum in Expression Area of Child Care Content : About the paper theater production as the simulation of the child care
著者: 山本, 斉
発行日: 6-3月-2011
出版者: 松山東雲短期大学研究紀要委員会
誌名: 松山東雲短期大学研究論集
巻: 41
開始ページ: 39 
終了ページ: 48
抄録:  The target of the drawing construction learnt in the nursery teacher training school is neither only an improvement of child care worker's forming technology nor a promotion of the aesthetic sensibility. There must previously be the infant's existence, and an original target won't achieve the line of vision without considering the existence. Working for the maintenance of an aesthetic environment of the garden to say nothing of help of the forming activity according to infant's developmental stage is basic of the activity of the child care worker. Drawing construction at current year? Then, the name tag for the child care worker was produced at the beginning of the class at the former semester. The purpose is to confirm a consideration putting as such a child care worker and a target the drawing construction original to the student of just entrance to the child care department. When the completed name tag is analyzed, it has been understood to be divided into some tendencies. In the main discourse, the name tag produced while referring to the questionnaire to the student is analyzed from various aspects. And, it knows student's formed technology of just entrance to the training school and the tendency to the sensibility, and the content is reflected in the class in the future.
URI: http://iyokan.lib.ehime-u.ac.jp/dspace/handle/iyokan/1053
ISSN: 0389-8768


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