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24-3月-1999 π-π相互作用を利用した銅(II)二核錯体生成とその分子構造の制御梶川, 裕治; KAJIKAWA, Yuji
24-3月-1999 Existence and asymptotic behavior of solutions of neutral differential equationsTANAKA, Satoshi; 田中, 敏
24-3月-2000 物体によるソリトンの散乱上原, 大伸; UEHARA, Daishin
24-3月-2000 イオンビーム・プラズマ系における不安定なイオンサイクロトロン高調波と低域混成波との相互作用宇都宮, 昇平; UTSUNOMIYA, Shohei
23-9月-2013 Sound velocity measurements of MgSiO3 majorite and akimotoite at high pressure and high temperature with simultaneous in situ X-ray diffraction and ultrasonic study周, 春銀; ZHOU, Chunyin
23-9月-2013 Phase relations and melt compositions in hydrous pyrolite under high temperature and high pressure and the equation of state of hydrous minerals楊, 翠平; YAN, Cuipin
23-9月-2013 Occurrence and diversity of tetracycline resistance gene,tet(M),in Korean coastal seawater金, 受診; KIM, Soojin
7-3月-2014 静置培養により誘導されるタバコBY-2細胞の細胞死平賀, 旭; HIRAGA, Asahi
7-3月-2014 四国西部における北部秩父帯の地質学的研究:プレート収束帯の造山運動による付加体の造構的改変辻, 智大; TSUJI, Tomohiro
24-3月-2014 変形Lennard-Jones系の相図と状態方程式浅野, 優太; ASANO, Yuta
24-3月-2014 Accumulation Features and Blood-Brain Transfer of Halogenated Phenolic Metabolites in Cetaceans落合, 真理; OCHIAI, Mari
24-3月-2014 高温高圧下における窒化炭素の構造と安定性小島, 洋平; KOJIMA, Yohei
24-3月-2014 Statistical Properties of Low-Luminosity Quasars in the Early Universe池田, 浩之; IKEDA, Hiroyuki
11-9月-2014 Variations of Kuroshio transport in the East China Sea: Its relation to the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, mesoscale eddies and its influences on the throughflow in the straits of East Asian Marginal SeasEndro Soeyanto
23-9月-2014 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Compounds in Urban and E-waste Recycling Sites of Vietnam and India: Occurrence, Distribution and Toxic EvaluationLe Huu Tuyen
6-3月-2015 Assessment of the metabolic potential of polychlorinated biphenyls in the Caniformia, the Baikal seal and the beagle dogYOO, Jean
6-3月-2015 メタンハイドレートの低温・高圧下における物性変化田中, 岳彦; TANAKA, Takehiko
24-3月-2015 Contamination of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Fish: Uptake, Tissue Distribution, and Risk Assessment田上, 瑠美; TANOUE, Rumi
24-3月-2015 Development of neuronal circuits in the reptilian and amphibian forebrain: with reference to the vertebrate brain diversificationTOSA, Yasuhiko; 土佐, 靖彦
10-9月-2015 新しい超硬合金の開発と超高圧発生装置への応用和田, 光平; WADA, Kohei
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